Kids Create: “Boom Chicka Boom!” (video)

Posted by: Becca Smith Hill

A brief video of kids in our after school program leading the group in a rendition of the song Boom Chicka Boom, with the guidance of our awesome Communities in Harmony volunteers from USC:

Zac Blankenship: A Thank You Letter

Posted by: Becca Smith Hill

Thank you, St. Lawrence Place for giving me the opportunity to serve as one of your spring, 2013 interns. This has been an unforgettable experience. The most beneficial part of this internship for me was learning more about how a non-profit organization operates. The best experience from this internship was the relationships that were established while I was here. I especially enjoyed interacting with the kids. Listening to their stories was a humbling experience. I will take these memories with me forever.  

I would recommend this internship to other students for three reasons.

1)      The experience of working for a cause greater than yourself, homeless families

2)      The environment of where I worked

3)      I have never seen or experienced a closer staff then the ones here at St. Lawrence Place. They are all very different in personality, mannerisms and work ethics, but together they work extremely well. This explains why the success rate was at 97 percent in 2012 here at St. Lawrence Place.  

Please check out this video I created about my experiences at SLP: 

 My Experiences: A Video

Kids Create: A Joyful Noise

Posted by: Becca Smith Hill

Some photos of a recent visit from Communities in Harmony, a group from USC that visits bi-weekly to teach the kids in our after school program about music and instruments.


The CEO Is On Vacation (Kind Of)

Posted by: Lila Anna Sauls

Each year I go on vacation. You know, the “I’m gonna’ turn my phone off and forget SLP” kind of vacation. And I never make it.

Someone recently pointed out to me I wasn’t that important. I laughed…isn’t recognizing the problem the first step towards “recovery?” So this year…like no other…I was going to do it…I wasn’t going to use my phone for anything except taking pictures of my family.

Post-beach baby

Post-beach baby

On the first day I hauled my children down to the beach with sand buckets and boogie boards, but then I caught myself wondering how many of our St. Lawrence Place kids had seen the ocean (then I checked my phone). I spent an embarrassing amount of money on ice cream, and then I wondered if that was why people didn’t send donations during the summer…we spend all our extra money on waffles cones (and then I checked my phone.)

colin ice cream

And then the fancy phone I inherited when I was promoted all those years ago delivered the email with the news of a cut to one of our federal grants. So I tossed and turned all night while on vacation adjusting our budget (and I checked my phone.)

You see, my friend was right. I’m not so important that I have to check my email and phone constantly. But the people we serve are. And I have to thank him for helping me realize that.


P.S. if I hadn’t checked my phone I wouldn’t have realized I’d forgotten to write this blog post, and wouldn’t have had the opportunity to thank him!

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Kids Create: Science Quest Fun

Posted by: Becca Smith Hill

Some photos from a recent visit from USC Science major volunteers, performing science experiments with the kids in our after school program through a program called Science Quest.  This particular day the kids were learning about and exploding their own homemade volcanoes.


Encouraging Words from a Former SLP Resident

Posted by: RJames

Here at SLP we often see families come and go, however it’s always a great thing when families give back!