A Lemonade Stand for SLP!

Posted by: Jessica Malovic

lemonade stand 3

It is never too early to foster the spirit of giving in your children. One way to start is to purchase a moon jar to start the conversation about spending, saving and sharing. I purchased one for my five year old daughter. I love all the great conversations we have about where to donate the “share” portion of her moon jar. Will it be “save the rain forests” this month, St. Lawrence Place or will she decide to donate to our local animal shelter?

Recently a group of Trinity Cathedral parishioners hosted a lemonade stand and bake sale to benefit St. Lawrence Place.  I will never forget the pride in each child’s face as they handed me a jar full of cash. I am proud to announce they raised $75 for SLP’s Children’s Program!

While you have the extra time with your children this summer, why don’t you teach them the importance of giving back to those less fortunate in their community. And who knows, it may serve as a great summer boredom buster!

lemonade stand 2

lemonade stand

Thank you to the Malanuks and the Grimsley’s! (Liddy, Sally and Edward Grimsley and Robert, May, Abby, and Anna Malanuk pictured above.)

For more information on ways to teach your child about charity, check out this article from Parents Magazine.