A New Way to Support SLP- Throw a “Rent Party!”

Posted by: Lila Anna Sauls


Remember the trip we took the HomeFront in New Jersey a few months ago?  I learned so much about the best practice of family homelessness continuums of care, and how we can better our programs at Trinity Housing to serve all homeless and at risk families in many different ways.

I also learned a few creative ways to help pay for those programs.

Throwing a “Rent Party” for St. Lawrence Place was one of them.

Please understand, I don’t usually throw parties, but I’ll do anything for St. Lawrence Place.  So, when my birthday rolled around last week a few friends and I decided it was time to string some lights, and turn our yard into a 1920’s style Harlem rent party, complete with jazz music and a homemade photo booth with props.

Rent parties became prevalent in the 1920’s, when rents skyrocketed in Harlem and upwards of 7,000 people were known to live in one city block.  Low wage workers, even those working full-time jobs, couldn’t afford the rent (sound familiar?), so they started having “rent parties” to pay the landlords.  They charged a ticket price to get in the door and had live music, dancing and food; and the parties lasted into the early hours of the next day.  Jazz music found its roots with these parties, and Harlemites not only paid rent, but found a way to have a little fun while doing it.


We raised over $750 for St. Lawrence Place.  Other than the invitation, I never even had to mention St. Lawrence Place…my friends just dropped their donation towards “rent” in the derby hat.

And there are already two more Rent Parties scheduled – what fun!

Let me know if you’d like to throw a Rent Party for a family at St. Lawrence Place. We’ll make sure you have everything you need – right down to the derby hat!