A St. Lawrence Place Success Story

Posted by: Ashley Harp

L. Furtick

Latasha & her family

Ms. Latasha Furtick has been a resident at St. Lawrence Place since May 2013.  In the three and half months that Ms. Furtick has been here, she has completed two very important goals; earning her GED and her Medical Assistant certificate.

Ms. Furtick was just one credit shy of earning her high school diploma and faced a dilemma when her case manager asked about how she wanted to further her education.  She had two options: take classes for 7 months to earn her high school diploma or take the GED test in hopes of passing even though she has been out of high school for almost 10 years.  Ms. Furtick weighed her options and, although a little nervous, decided to take the GED test at the Adult Education Center on Covenant Road; she found out the same day that she passed the test. She still has plans to earn her high school diploma at a later time.

Before being accepted into the St. Lawrence Place program, Ms. Furtick was already enrolled in the 11 month Medical Assistant program at Centura College.  She completed the program while balancing all the requirements at St. Lawrence Place and working a night job, as well as a day job.  Ms. Furtick completed the program with a 3.4 GPA and graduated on August 3, 2013.

centura college degree

She attributes her motivation to her three children, Ta’shea, Caliyah and Tyrone, as well as her Anatomy and Physiology I, II, and III professor.  Ms. Furtick is currently a Med Tech at a nursing home in Hopkins, a position she says she obtained due to earning her Medical Assistant certificate.  Her next pursuit is to earn her phlebotomy certification and continue her career in the healthcare field.