Much like St. Lawrence — the patron saint of the poor — the St. Lawrence Place community is a beacon of hope for Columbia families trapped by homelessness and poverty.

There comes a defining moment in life where a family faces choices. Do they succumb to a life of poverty and homelessness, or do they find strength and courage that will lead to a better future? We are here for the families ready and willing to undertake the difficult work that accompanies such profound change. Our community of 30 single-family homes in Columbia’s Edgewood-Floral neighborhood gives families the security to stay together and to grow stronger while doing so.

Founded by Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in 1989, St. Lawrence Place is a primary program of Homeless No More, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to the offering of a seamless continuum of services and housing to homeless and at-risk families in the midlands of South Carolina. Those living in the St. Lawrence Place program pay income-based rent, maintain employment or continue their education, remain drug and alcohol free, volunteer within the community and live in a structured environment that demands accountability. Qualified families reside in two-bedroom units — including two ADA-compliant apartments — with assessments every three months to evaluate growth within the program. Residents participate in case management and age-appropriate key life skill classes, working through a custom family life plan created to address their specific needs.


It is through the generous support of corporate and individual donors that we are able to do the work we do.



Our dedicated staff are empathetic, concerned and considerate to all.



Our board guides St. Lawrence Place with skilled and caring leadership.