Jessica keeps the master schedule, assists with grant reports and special events, coordinates volunteer groups and serves as the face of the front office. Jessica graduated from Mission College in Santa Clara, CA, with a degree in Biology and has been with us since 2011. When not busy as a wife and mother, Jessica loves to cook, read, travel and run.

SLP Loves Intel

Posted by: Jessica Malovic

Intel loves SLP

Last Friday, September 20th was the fifth United Way Day of Action I helped coordinate at St. Lawrence Place. We hosted a group of nearly 40 volunteers from Intel.  These incredibly generous volunteers in blue arrived in 2 groups to paint the porches of our residents’ homes.  The morning shift was busy working hard as media crews came and went.  Check out The State newspaper article spotlighting the Day of Service, Intel and St. Lawrence Place.

Summer Volunteers Rock!

Posted by: Jessica Malovic

summer literacy pic

It is estimated that the “Summer Slide” accounts for as much as 85% of the reading achievement gap between lower income students and their middle- and upper income peers according to Richard Allington and Anne McGill-Frazen, authors of the article Why Summer Matters in the Rich/Poor Achievement Gap, August 2009.


My Semester at St. Lawrence Place!

Posted by: Jessica Malovic

photo-18Interning at St. Lawrence Place this semester has been an amazing opportunity, and I have been able to learn things I never thought I would be able to. Waking up early and having to wear clothes other than my usual t-shirt and athletic shorts was well worth it because of all the wonderful things I was able to do with St. Lawrence Place. READ MORE

Summer Lunch Volunteers Needed

Posted by: Jessica Malovic

Summer Lunch Volunteers Needed –

YOU Can Help These Children Eat Healthy ALL Summer!

Children of St. Lawrence Place


During Summer Camp, SLP provides breakfast, lunch and two snacks for 30 children every day from June 5-August 9. We depend heavily on volunteers to prepare and serve lunches because we have such a small staff, who wear many hats. Preparing lunch takes only an hour or two and is so rewarding for the volunteers as well as our children. We have a number of options to suit your busy schedule…


1. Choose a date(s) to prepare (off-site) and deliver healthy lunches to SLP

2. Choose a date(s) to prepare healthy lunches on-site (with food you provide)

3. Choose date(s) to prepare healthy lunches onsite (with food we provide)

Please contact Jessica Malovic for more information or to sign up – by phone 256.3999 or by email:  or sign up by visiting our eventbrite page:


What a Home Means to Me

Posted by: Jessica Malovic

kids at teaHome

These poems were written by the children of St. Lawrence Place. While they are different in many ways- they have at least two things in common: they have lost a home and they have found another here.  Below is a sample of the poetry the children created. READ MORE

2013 Angel’s Tea – HUGE Success!

Posted by: Jessica Malovic

teaWhat could have been a horrible situation (delayed set up of the auction and seating tables due to a funeral in Saterlee Hall on Thursday) brought together the Board, SLP staff, volunteers, friends and family to make this Angel’s Tea the largest to date. READ MORE