SLP Class of 2015 High School Grads: Looking Ahead to the Future

Posted by: Charmella Tyler

It is such an amazing opportunity to offer CONGRATULATIONS to some of our outstanding teens on their high school graduations.  Graduation is a major milestone is a teenager’s life, taking that next step into adulthood.  This post made me think back to my own HS graduation, (not important how many years ago), but the mixed emotions I felt: happiness, pride, nervousness, anxiety.  But one thing that was overwhelming, was how proud I was of myself.  Though you may have received support and guidance along the way, YOU each crossed this finish line with the hard work & dedication YOU put in.  Below are some of our celebrated teens:

grad 1


Scenes from SLP Summer Camp, Week 3

Posted by: Becca Smith Hill

A local drummer, Bala Sivankoil, entertained and educated the kids in our summer camp this week:

drummer 1

drummer 2


A big thank you to Mr. Sivankoil for giving of his time and talents and to Linda Salane for getting him to SLP!


Residents’ Council & Birthdays at SLP

Posted by: Margaret Dubose

20150616_183213 (1)

While St. Lawrence Place is a program, it is also a community – and we rely upon our residents to cultivate a healthy, safe, and positive campus environment.

Scenes from SLP Summer Camp, Week 2

Posted by: Becca Smith Hill

girl reading

We’re all about preventing the “summer slide” during our 10-week summer camp.  Literacy activities, including daily reading time, are incorporated into every day.


SLP Children’s Building Gets a Makeover!

Posted by: Jessica Malovic

Eastminster vols 3

Long-time St. Lawrence Place supporter (and dear friend) Anne Miller has undertaken the renovation of the Children’s Building.

Share Your Summer Vacation

Posted by: Lila Anna Sauls


A few years ago, after the twins were born, I wrote a blog post (very quickly) from my fancy phone while my family was on vacation at the beach. I confessed to having had spent entirely too much money on scoops of ice cream for my kids on one particular night, and then challenged my St. Lawrence Place supporters to donate a similar vacation-driven amount to SLP if I did the same.