Building Credit, Building Lives

Posted by: RJames


On Monday, March 9, St. Lawrence Place Residents were able to learn how to build credit, repair credit, and how to manage money in a way that will lead to permanent housing and have a positive effect on generations to come.  

Chris Everett, Assistant Branch Manager for Wood Forest Bank in West Columbia provided detailed information and provided answers for many of our residents regarding money management.  While some of our residents want to improve their credit, many have never had a credit card or bought anything with credit.

Mr. Everett explained the process of obtaining and reading a credit report.  He also told our adult residents how they could go about having items removed from the report that may be inaccurate. Moreover, he discussed secured credit cards along with the appropriate way to build credit that will lead toward purchasing a home.  


Mr. Everett’s presentation is the beginning of a series of financial literacy workshops provided to all teens and adults residing at St Lawrence Place.  I would personally like to thank Mr. Everett for taking time out of his busy schedule to share invaluable financial information. We are looking forward to working with him again in the future.