Calling All Kroger & Bi-Lo Customers!

Posted by: Becca Smith Hill

Do you shop at Kroger or Bi-Lo grocery stores?  If so, please help St. Lawrence Place while you shop.  It’s free and easy:


Kroger Community Rewards

Here’s how to do it—it only takes a couple minutes.  Have your Kroger Plus card on hand because you will need to enter the number on the card.

  1. Go to this website:
  2. Click on: “Click Here to Sign In”
  3. Create an Account with your email address & create a password (they will NOT send you e-mails unless you want them to!)
  4. Enter your Kroger Plus card number & your last name
  5. Enter SLP’s NPO number: 01259
  6. You must re-register your Kroger Plus card once a year; it is good until August 1st.

boostersplus logo

Bi-Lo boostersplus

1. Click here and print out a Bi-Lo boostersplus Card.

2. Swipe this card along with your Bi-Lo Bonus card the next time you check out at Bi-Lo.

3. You must re-swipe the boostersplus card once a year; it is good until May 31st.

Please, share this information with friends and family who shop at these stores.  This is an easy way to give back to St. Lawrence Place just by buying groceries!