A SLP Book Club Surprise!

Posted by: RJames

perfect peace

Monday, August 19 held “A Perfect Surprise” for our St. Lawrence Place Book Club!  We had just finished reading Perfect Peace, a novel written by Dr. Daniel Black.  (All novels for the club were generously donated by Dr. Black).  Since early July, our Book Club had been reading the novel and we all had many questions regarding the content, which explores gender roles and the debate of nature vs. nurture.


A St. Lawrence Place Success Story

Posted by: Ashley Harp

L. Furtick

Latasha & her family

Ms. Latasha Furtick has been a resident at St. Lawrence Place since May 2013.  In the three and half months that Ms. Furtick has been here, she has completed two very important goals; earning her GED and her Medical Assistant certificate.

School Supplies & Backpacks for Kids!

Posted by: Becca Smith Hill

HBA school supplies 2013

As long as I have been working at St. Lawrence Place, (7 years!), we have always been able to count on the Sales & Marketing Council of Greater Columbia Home Builders Association to donate all the school supplies and backpacks that our kids need to start the school year.


Summer Volunteers Rock!

Posted by: Jessica Malovic

summer literacy pic

It is estimated that the “Summer Slide” accounts for as much as 85% of the reading achievement gap between lower income students and their middle- and upper income peers according to Richard Allington and Anne McGill-Frazen, authors of the article Why Summer Matters in the Rich/Poor Achievement Gap, August 2009.


Live Oak Place: New Affordable Housing for Formerly Homeless Families

Posted by: Lila Anna Sauls


Almost 25 years ago a group of caring, concerned, people came together to talk about homeless families in Columbia. They talked about what they needed – not just temporarily, but long term – to permanently get out of the heartbreaking situation they had found themselves in. These caring, concerned, parishioners of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral founded Trinity Housing Corporation, a 501-c-3 with its own board of directors and staff, to take on this task.

Trinity Housing started with a duplex, on Hope Avenue. (When I tell this story people think I made up the street name, it’s so absolutely fitting…) When the City of Columbia offered property on Waites Road in early 1991, St. Lawrence Place was born, and two families became 28.


Summer Fun with Cocky’s Reading Express!

Posted by: Becca Smith Hill


On July 17th, the younger children enrolled in our summer camp attended a Cocky’s Reading Express event where they received free books and also got to meet Cocky himself!