Kids Create: Pop Art Hands

Posted by: Becca Smith Hill

Back in February, the Columbia Museum of Art outreach staff led the children in the St. Lawrence Place after school program in creating unique art using their hand prints, in the style of Pop Artist Andy Warhol.


Kids Create: A Volcano!

Posted by: Becca Smith Hill

Back in February, the Science Quest crew of volunteers from USC led the kids in the St. Lawrence Place after school program in a hands-on experiment:  creating a volcano!


Summer Camp & Literacy Gains

Posted by: Becca Smith Hill

Most students lose about two months of grade level equivalency in mathematics over the summer months.  Low-income students also lose more than two months in reading achievement, despite the fact that their middle-class peers make slight gains in reading, (Cooper, 1996).

Cocky’s Reading Express event at the USC Horseshoe

Last summer, in order to help combat this summer learning loss, and through a generous grant from Central Carolina Community Foundation, we provided a quality, literacy-based, full-day summer learning program for 32 homeless and impoverished children ages 4-11.

Flashback: And They’re Off! (video from Race for the Place 5K)

Posted by: Becca Smith Hill

On Saturday, February 9, 2013, we hosted our 4th annual Race for the Place 5K event to benefit the families living in our transitional housing program at St. Lawrence Place.  This year’s event raised over $10,500 for SLP!

Summer Lunch Volunteers Needed

Posted by: Jessica Malovic

Summer Lunch Volunteers Needed –

YOU Can Help These Children Eat Healthy ALL Summer!

Children of St. Lawrence Place


During Summer Camp, SLP provides breakfast, lunch and two snacks for 30 children every day from June 5-August 9. We depend heavily on volunteers to prepare and serve lunches because we have such a small staff, who wear many hats. Preparing lunch takes only an hour or two and is so rewarding for the volunteers as well as our children. We have a number of options to suit your busy schedule…


1. Choose a date(s) to prepare (off-site) and deliver healthy lunches to SLP

2. Choose a date(s) to prepare healthy lunches on-site (with food you provide)

3. Choose date(s) to prepare healthy lunches onsite (with food we provide)

Please contact Jessica Malovic for more information or to sign up – by phone 256.3999 or by email:  or sign up by visiting our eventbrite page:


Help Wanted: Spanish Tutor

Posted by: Lila Anna Sauls

Help Wanted

Spanish tutor needed several hours a week through end of May. Applicant should be fluent in Spanish and willing to work with a teenager. Schedule flexible during after-school hours. No pay. If interested, contact St. Lawrence Place at 256.3999.


I took French and Latin in high school. My children are taking Spanish in school. I listen to them as they talk to each other in a language I don’t understand. I have a dear friend who has family in Puerto Rico. I’ve picked u p a few words from her – but they’re mostly the type of words you use to discipline your children (loudly, as our boys rough house in the yard!). I’m no help when they bring home projects or homework, and I can’t call out words as they prepare for tests.  My oldest son’s Spanish teacher called just to say how well he was doing…and I told her he must get it from his father!

So, when I got the email yesterday saying one of our St. Lawrence Place teens needed a Spanish tutor I felt absolutely helpless. The feeling of stepping off the train in Paris washed over me again, and I began to search for someone- anyone – who could speak the language. But wait…it’s not only someone who can speak the language, it’s someone who is willing to sit down with a teenager and spend time helping him, caring about him, when they could be home with their own family. They have to have knowledge of Spanish AND a have a big heart.

Not your typical help-wanted advertisement!

This person could make the difference between a summer of camp or a summer of school: a difference between a soaring self confidence level and the feeling of failure. This person could let this child know someone cares, and teach them some Spanish while they’re at it.

Are you willing to apply?