St. Lawrence Place

A place of hope, healing and change

Welcome to St. Lawrence Place

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Each of us has faced that moment: that space of time when our lives took the unexpected turn. Whether is was personal loss, tragic circumstances or a seemingly invisible force of will, we found ourselves at a crossroads. Our options were to avoid the challenge and let it chip away at our lives, or go through it, and conquer it in the end.

St. Lawrence Place is here to help address the challenge of homelessness, a station in life that is all too prevalent among us. We provide a place of transitional housing, but more importantly, an avenue for hope, healing and change for the families who choose to enter our program.

St. Lawrence Place is an environment of 28 housing units that provides programming and transitional housing – up to two years – for qualifying families. More than bricks and mortar, St. Lawrence Place provides the structure, training and support that families in crisis need to sustain their independence.

Our Mission

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To provide support services, life skills, and transitional housing to enable homeless families to achieve independent living as productive members of the community.

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