Dreaming Out Loud through Vision Boards

Posted by: RJames


February is known as the “Month of Love” for many.  This month, residents of SLP discovered self-love through the design of their own “Vision Boards.”

A vision board can be created with the use of words or pictures as a way to see goals and actualize them. Questions to think about were “What is your career and life’s ambition?” “What is most important to you?” Vision boards are a way to dream out loud.  Through the use of magazine pictures, text and their own artwork, residents were encouraged to reflect on their life “as is” and then think about where they wanted it to be.  The vision boards sparked a lively discussion on the past and futures of their families. Residents were encouraged to display their vision board someplace where they can see it daily.  Below is a picture of one of our residents explaining her vision to the group.