Eastminster Presbyterian Church Youth: Souper Bowl of Caring

Posted by: Rachel Gunter


On Saturday, January 30, 2015 a group of bright-eyed young men and women (along with their equally enthusiastic chaperones) took a few hours out of their day to organize the dishes, cutlery, and cleaning products in our warehouse. They even asked for bags to clean up debris they spotted laying about the campus grounds.
image (1)

These folks were all smiles as they cleared out the shelves and brainstormed ways to organize everything. I (volunteer coordinator) gave them free reign. The results were outstanding!


After making those sections of the warehouse look better than most home pantries, they hauled off any damaged items to the dump, then paused for a few photos. I was amazed at the enthusiasm and kindness this group of young folks exuded. They scored a touchdown at SLP that day; we’re their biggest fans for it.

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