Gabrielle’s Story

Posted by: Ashley Harp

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Today I want to share with you a story from a St. Lawrence Place resident, and soon-to-be program graduate:

“Hi, I’m Gabrielle and I would like to share my story with you.  I have faced many challenges and transitions in my life, especially being a single mom raising two beautiful girls on my own.  I know the common quote that most people believe “everyone makes mistakes” but in certain situations that I have been through with my children, I seem to fault myself many times.  Life has its twists and turns but you can’t live your life being miserable and blaming yourself for everything that happens.  When you do fall, you have to get up, dust yourself off and keep pushing forward.  Coming to St. Lawrence Place (SLP) has made a tremendous turn around for me and my daughters.
When I was first accepted into SLP, I was kind of ashamed for allowing my children to experience the concept of being homeless, but as time progressed, I started realizing that my daughters were not blaming me at all.  They were actually happy and living life; I was the one downing myself.Being in this program has allowed me to take baby steps towards certain things I had to accomplish.  For instance, I came to SLP without my driver’s license and not having reliable support from someone pushing me to try for it.  Growing up, my family always depended on public transportation for many years and that was something I got too comfortable with.  Now, I have a caring and concerned case manager, Mrs. Jefferson, who kept pushing me to get reliable transportation for me and my children.  I am now a licensed driver and I purchased my first car on February 20, 2014.  I can’t explain how much this means to me and my girls.

A tremendous amount of weight has been lifted off my shoulders!  The best gift and priceless moment was seeing my girls’ faces light up when I told them we have a car. Accomplishing this may not seem that serious to people who have already experienced having their very own car but it’s a major accomplishment for me and my family.  Having reliable transportation makes a huge difference with time consuming situations, appointments, emergencies or just having family time with my babies.  I have opened more doors and opportunities for us.
Thanks, SLP staff, for allowing me and my family into this program and motivating me to do better.  I still have other missions to accomplish but I’m leaving this program with something.  Most of the time, change is better and beneficial.  Also, going through certain downfalls makes you wiser and stronger!”


A huge thank you to Gabrielle for sharing this motivational story.