Hispanic Culture at SLP

Posted by: Rachel Gunter


On July 21, 2014, SLP families were introduced to a literacy of a different culture. Not only were they introduced to the Spanish language, but they were immersed in Hispanic culture.

Jose Garcia, an Equal Opportunity Leader in the SC National Guard, opened the discussion with a version of myth busters. No, all Hispanic people don’t look alike. Some of them may even have European or African heritage as well. Mr. Garcia explained that he is of Panamanian and Puerto Rican descent. Families got the chance to guess which celebrities may be of Hispanic descent, who may not look like they are.

Mr. Garcia talked with the families about the growing Hispanic population in the United States, and that Spanish is quickly spreading as a second language. Children were given copies of a mola (a type of Panamanian tapestry) to color. While the families were learning about this, they were served Panamanian and Puerto Rican food, along with horchata (sweet rice milk) and Mexican sodas to drink. Finally, Mr. Garcia drove home the importance of familia to Hispanic people.

It is important for SLP familias to learn so much more than only budgeting and job interview skills. We want our families to thrive in a variety of settings, and to do that, they should be well-rounded culturally. Gaining cultural competence can give our families confidence at work and school, and a competitive edge. We believe the possibilities for our families are endless, and because of that, we’re giving them the world. For now, hasta luego.