Homeless No More is a Reality

Posted by: Lila Anna Sauls

This we know for sure about homeless and at-risk families: Every situation is different.

This we have learned after working with service providers all across the Midlands: The answer for each family begins with an understanding of the root cause of their homelessness and with the development of a tailored solution—usually across a full continuum of services and housing options—to meet the needs of that particular family.

And this means our community must offer a healthy, coordinated continuum for families.

And that’s why we’ve made the decision to lead the effort.

As of today, Trinity Housing Corporation will be known as Homeless No More, an advocacy, services, housing and community bridging organization committed to wiping out homelessness among families in our community. Our work is broad. We have expanded our programs from our best practice, 30-unit St. Lawrence Place transitional housing to now include Live Oak Place, a series of affordable housing units in Columbia and across Richland County. We are offering emergency services to families through rapid re-housing programs. We are convening service providers to ensure a full, healthy continuum of services and care exists in our community. We are creating an intake center and serving as counselors in beginning the important work of developing individualized family life plans for those in need in our community. In addition, we will speak on behalf of the invisible population of homeless families in local, regional and national forums.




There is much more to say about this bold initiative, and we’ll share those details in coming weeks. For now I’ll just point out the most important fact we learned in a study conducted on our behalf by the University of South Carolina:

82 percent of families who access homeless services in Richland County use those services only once

Yes, Homeless No More is our name, and it is our battlecry. But studies show it is also a goal within reach.

Let’s get started.