I’m Just the Office Lady

Posted by: Lila Anna Sauls

About a year ago I received my Masters in Organizational Change and Leadership from Columbia College. I was proud of myself. Really proud. So proud that I got up the nerve to ask for a new title…and I became President and CEO of Trinity Housing Corporation.

Last week we had our Christmas gathering with our families at SLP.  Community volunteers treated them to a wonderful meal, and Santa made a visit with toys for all the children. We’ve always encouraged our families to write thank-you’s to the volunteers, and I was in charge of collecting the notes. One of our children handed me two envelopes and said, “One’s for you, too!”

xmas card for la's post

I’ll admit, I was busy, so I tucked it away. The next day I came in and remembered the card. It was simply addressed to “Office Lady.” On the inside it said, “Thank you for giving us a home when no one else cared.” I cried. A lot. This SLP family had no idea what my title was…all they knew was I was the lady in the office who made the rules and made sure everything was running smoothly. And they knew that I cared.

So, as we go into the Christmas break, I’ll accept my new title. I only hope I can live up to it, because what that card said is much more important than securing funds, managing staff or creating policies.  It’s about caring about and empowering others…and that takes 100%.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Lila Anna

P.S. this blog was supposed to be a re-do of last year’s post about donating money to SLP as the year ends. Please do that, too (I’m asking as the Office Lady!) by clicking here or sending a check to 2400 Waites Road, Columbia, SC 29204.