Learning a New Way to Save

Posted by: Tyra Jefferson

On August 4, 2014, SLP families were introduced to a new way of saving money: Extreme Couponing Classes!

couponing pic

The leaders of the class (pictured above) have been inspiring and motivating!  They have helped SLP families learn how to budget and save money in a new way–all while having fun.  During weekly classes, discussion topics include how to coupon, different methods for clipping coupons, finding sales, reading and comparing labels and more.

The families will soon take a trip to the grocery store with the couponing ladies so that they can explore their options and learn how to effectively shop in the grocery store using coupons and comparing prices to save money.  SLP families have been eager and excited every week with their journey through this amazing experience.

SLP appreciates all the hard work that the Extreme Couponing ladies have done and the awesome partnership that they have provided to SLP and the families participating.