Make Lunch for Our Kids This Summer!

Posted by: Becca Smith Hill

Children Eating 008.edited

For the past 4 summers, we have committed to providing the 30+ children in our full-day, 10-week summer camp a homemade, nutritious lunch each day.  (We also provide them with a nutritious breakfast and 2 snacks a day during the summer!)

We couldn’t do this without help from volunteers, so here’s our call for help!  If you are interested in volunteering to make lunch one day (or more) this summer for 30+ homeless children, then contact Becca or Jessica at 256.3999 or e-mail me at to get on the calendar.  There are several options for making this happen–you can come to SLP to prepare food that you buy, you can prepare the meal at your home and just drop it off in time for lunch, or we can purchase the food and you come to SLP to prepare the meal.


This is a great volunteer opportunity for children and teenagers, as well as groups of children or adults!  We help you with suggested menus and all the logisitics.

So, what are you waiting for?–help feed homeless children this summer!