Reunification at St. Lawrence Place

Posted by: Ashley Harp

reunification (2)

From time to time, we all may lose jobs, experience financial hardship or even financial devastation that causes those of us who are parents to make the difficult decision of temporarily placing our children in the care of the State.  In other unfortunate times, children are taken away from parents due to neglect caused by poor parenting skills, drug abuse, exposure to domestic violence or other situations that may harm the child.

In many of these temporary instances where children are removed from the home, treatment plans are put into place by family court, DSS and other agencies with the goal of reuniting the child with the parent once new skills are learned and a safe environment is secured.  The team at SLP believes in second chances and desires to help parents who have experienced a hard time and are trying to regain stability in their lives.

Over the last month, SLP has helped 2 families in the reunification process.  Many times when custody is temporary relinquished from a parent, it is due to unsafe housing or being homeless.  Part of the treatment plan is for the parent to obtain stable housing in order to reunify with the child.  St. Lawrence Place has worked with DSS and children’s homes to help reunite children.  Case workers come to our agency to inspect apartments, meet with our team and discuss next steps for families reunifying.

We are proud to be able to assist deserving families with a second chance to get things back on track!