SLP Team-Building at Saluda Shoals

Posted by: Becca Smith Hill

A couple weeks ago the entire St. Lawrence Place staff enjoyed a half-day staff retreat and team-building experience at Saluda Shoals in Irmo.

group pic

The SLP Staff

After some great conversation facilitation about our ideas and goals for SLP with Linda Salane, we headed outside for some outdoor activities with our Park Ranger, Curtis, as our guide.  It was a beautiful day, and the activities were fun.  The final activity for the day was a scavenger hunt challenge; the staff was divided into 2 teams, and we were competitive!

jess, rush & keys

Jessica & Rushondra search for the right key in the scavenger hunt!

rush & plane

Rushondra attempting to glide a paper airplane through a hoop in the scavenger hunt.

greem team won!

The green team won the scavenger hunt! (Jessica, Lila Anna, Tyra, Rushondra, & Becca)

Interested in team-building activities for your own staff, non-profit or corporate?  We highly recommend it!