Homelessness doesn’t describe a person. It’s a temporary situation experienced by millions in our country every year, especially families.

Homelessness is everywhere yet we don’t know the true number of this “invisible” population in our communities. We do know the number has been climbing steadily for 25 years. The fastest growing segment? Families with children.

It’s easy to assume homeless are found on city streets or in overnight shelters. But that’s one small sliver of a rapidly growing population. Homelessness is complex and further intensified by a shortage of affordable housing, eroding employment opportunities, shrinking public assistance and the reality of generational poverty.

The families of St. Lawrence Place have reached a pivotal moment in their lives. They have the courage to turn their lives upside down. What they need is the opportunity to do so — St. Lawrence Place.


Homelessness is the result of complex circumstances. But ultimately families must make painful decisions due to limited dollars: food, shelter or other basic needs?



St. Lawrence Place can end homelessness and break the cycle of poverty. Most families graduate to productive living and employment situations that help their families thrive.