St. Lawrence Place is a solution for homelessness that also aims to break the grip of poverty. Families brave enough to change receive the structure, training, and support to transition to a life of self-sufficiency and stability.

St. Lawrence Place is more than an emergency shelter. Our comprehensive program gives families what it takes to change their lives. Residents learn valuable life skills, access reliable childcare and enjoy secure housing that every family deserves. In return for safe haven, families belong to a close-knit community where healthy ideals are not only important, they are the expectation.

Our program provides the structure, training and support that can help a family transition from the chaos of homelessness to a life of self-sufficiency and stability. The rewards are endless for families who accept the opportunity of life at St. Lawrence Place. Not only will they have a home in a community in which they can learn, grow and change, they will have a road map for a lifetime of better tomorrows.

We are proud of our extensive St. Lawrence Place alumni network and honored to share some of their stories here. If you are a member of that group and would like to be featured, please email us at


Kershaw’s Story

A home of their own

After she and her husband separated, Kershaw's situation went from bad to worse. She lost her job. She couldn't make rent payments. So she and her four boys moved in with family until she heard about St. Lawrence Place.

Once they moved in things began to turn around. She earned her college degree and now works for the CMRTA. She's working to repair her credit and has been able to give her family something they've never had before: a home of their very own.

Angelia’s Story

Five lives changed

When Angelia learned about St. Lawrence Place, times were tough. She was struggling to stay off of drugs and support her four children in the wake of a failed marriage. The two years she spent in the community gave her a strong foundation. She learned how to be a better parent and she grew into the type of person she never thought she could be.

Today, she works at the same job she's had for two years, and lives in a home with three of her four children. Her oldest is off — attending South Carolina State University.

Tiffany’s Story

Working mother of two

Tiffany — a mother of two — found herself without the help of family and living in the Family Shelter. Then, she heard about St. Lawrence Place. In the two years she and her family lived in the community she says she learned a lot about herself and how to be a good mother.

She was grateful for the many opportunities her children enjoyed. They had cultural experiences — like going to the Nutcracker — and the pure joy of summer camp. Today, she and her family are proud to live in a home. Even more proud that it's their own.