Springing into Fun at SLP!

Posted by: Tyra Jefferson


St. Lawrence Place families are supported by some many community organizations–here are 2 of the most recent events for families at SLP.

St. Lawrence Place families were invited to participate in a Consignment Shop for FREE sponsored by Shandon United Methodist Church!  Each family was given a $50 voucher to shop for books, clothes, shoes, toys and household items.


Over the weekend, the Resident Executive Council (REC) was inspired to coordinate an Easter egg hunt for the kids living in the St. Lawrence Place community.  The entire event was sponsored and organized by the REC Officers for the families that live at St. Lawrence Place.


St. Lawrence Place thanks Shandon United Methodist Church for thinking of our families.  St.Lawrence Place staff  families also thank the REC for thinking of others within their own community.  Families are grateful and springing into FUN!