Together We Are #SCStrong

Posted by: Lila Anna Sauls

The Togetherness of Homelessness and Hunger Awareness Week

I started a talk this week by saying if people thought the nonprofits in town didn’t work together; they needed to look around the room.  There were representatives from Women’s Shelter (Kathy Riley “raised me” and their ladies work in our internship program), Sexual Trauma Services (they provide staff training and family resources), and Healing Species (they’ve spent summers with our children teaching them important lessons on handling anger) surrounding me. We were all receiving grant funding…and we were all genuinely happy for each other.


Homeless and Hunger Awareness week is the perfect time for the non-profits of the Midlands to come together, link arms, and educate you on who we’re serving each day – in our own specific ways as well as in a collaborative way. We’d be foolish at St. Lawrence Place and Trinity Housing to think we could do it all for homeless families – without the help of SisterCare, Hannah House or Oliver Gospel Mission.  Other organizations such as MIRCI and LRADAC provide specific support services as well; even though they may have missions tuned for towards specific areas or homeless men and women. The foundations such as Sisters of Charity, NORD and Central Carolina Community Foundation that support us support  us all, and the United Way of the Midlands and South Carolina provide assistance in numerous ways.

We’ll be on television, in the paper and on your mind during Homeless and Hunger Awareness Week.  I want to take advantage of that and ask you to find an activity being put on or sponsored by one of our agency partners, or schedule a visit with us here on campus.

Because all of us have to work together to make the problem of homelessness in our community go away, and that includes YOU.