Success Story: From Homeless to Happy

Posted by: Ashley Harp

A lot of times we go through things in life so that we may use our story as a testimony for someone else in need. As I interview potential clients, a good bit of them tell me that they would like to give back and share their story with others who are in the same situation as they are. Mrs. Burgos is one of those people. She, along with her husband and infant son, came to St. Lawrence Place from the Family Shelter seeking assistance after coming upon a difficult time, as we all do. With a degree in Liberal Arts and experience in the field of social work in her native New York, Mrs. Burgos applied for a position at the Family Shelter after settling into her new home at St. Lawrence Place. Mrs. Burgos accepted the position of Human Service Assistant and has been on the job for just over a month and is enjoying it so far.  “What I like most about working here is that it feels more like a ministry instead of a job. I love it when I can sense a family’s sincerity and I can give them my testimony and it uplifts them and tells them that they can make it if they persevere. It is most definitely not easy to have to enforce rules to people that you used to live with, but I know that it is for their own good and you have to follow rules wherever you go no matter where it is.” 
Not only does Mrs. Burgos earn her income at the Family Shelter, she also plans to complete the required monthly four hours of community service for St. Lawrence Place there.  “I also do my volunteer work here. I clean rooms when families move out and clean the office as needed because I feel like the people that come by here need to feel a peace before they can really move on, up and out. So that is why I do this for free, so that I can leave my free spirit around for someone else to have while they are going through one of the worst times in their lives.”
Mrs. Burgos, we appreciate your kind spirit around St. Lawrence Place, thanks for being a great resident!