Time, Talent- but most importantly- Treasure

Posted by: Lila Anna Sauls

A long-time SLP supporter called yesterday to let me know she was having a gathering Friday night and wanted to turn the evening into a “good will party.”  Then she asked what we needed.  “I can ask for anything you need,” she said. “Paper goods, pots and pans, or just plain-old, hard, cold, cash.”

Each year we’re blessed with an abundance of donations of much-needed items from our wonderful supporters.  When you call and ask what we need or want, we never feel comfortable telling you “money.”  We don’t want to seem rude or ungrateful for all the other gifts, and truth be told, if we don’t have to buy toilet paper, then we do – in the long run – save money.

But, here is the truth:  we need monetary donations! We need money to keep the lights on and to keep staff paid.  We need money to put gas in the min-bus so we can pick the children up from school each afternoon and we need money to replace refrigerators, microwaves or computers when they break.

We value every roll of paper towels you give us. But if you run short on time this holiday season and don’t have time to pick those items up, please know a check will be just as – if not more –  appreciated!

To donate to St. Lawrence Place online, click here.  Or you can send a check to St. Lawrence Place 2400 Waites Rd. Columbia, SC 29204.