United Way Day of Action

Posted by: Jessica Malovic

As Volunteer Coordinator, I meet many people wanting to give back to the community. We at St. Lawrence Place are very fortunate to have a large volunteer base – from college students to church youth groups to working professionals.

St. Lawrence Place (SLP) has a small staff of 11 employees, 6 full-time and 5 part-time. Because our staff is limited, we depend on volunteer groups to do projects we do not have the funds to cover. That being said, some volunteer opportunities are not glamorous. I always try to give volunteers a memorable experience while also filling the needs here at St. Lawrence Place.

On September 20th United Way of the Midlands hosted a Day of Action here in Columbia. St. Lawrence Place was one of the many volunteer sites. The Young Leaders Society (YLS) selected SLP for their Day of Service project. YLS collected art supplies and paper products for St. Lawrence Place throughout the month of September. It was clear the volunteers were eager to help in any way, but also wanted to engage the children, ideally with an art project.

After a couple hours of hard work the group had a much deserved break inside creating a “thankful tree” with the children. Each child expressed what they were thankful for and volunteers helped them write their thoughts on traced hands which became the leaves of the tree. As I was leaving one of the childcare workers, Mr. Player, said to me, “the kids always have fun with United Way volunteers.”  I have to say YLS was a wonderful group of volunteers and we are thankful to have such wonderful support from the community.


Check out The State newspaper article about United Way’s 2012 Day of Service, and pictures of YLS volunteers working hard at St. Lawrence Place.