St. Lawrence Place is a 30-home community where homeless families can find skills and shelter that foster independence and free them from the grip of poverty.

More than an emergency shelter, our program keeps families together and helps them cultivate the skills to become contributing members of the community.

Our village of single-family homes is located at 2400 Waites Road in Columbia’s Edgewood-Floral neighborhood. Qualified families reside in two-bedroom units — including two ADA-compliant apartments — with assessments every three months to evaluate growth within the program. Two social service buildings on the campus house key resident services such as case management, weekly life skill training as well as the community’s adult, teen and children’s programs.

The campus also has an administrative building, laundry room and warehouse used to store donated furniture and supplies for resident and graduating families.


We give children the safety and freedom to explore childhood and learn life skills.



Teens who live in
St. Lawrence Place program have a safe, reliable place to call home.



We help adults gain the skills to care for their families and help them thrive.