Teens who live in St. Lawrence Place program have a safe, reliable place to call home. Here, they have the support to not only learn, but to grow.

Teens living in a St. Lawrence Place home can access much more than a steady, safe place to live. As part of the program, they participate in counseling and weekly Tackling the Tough Skills life skill development classes that help them grow into responsible, caring adults and community members. Our after-school program enriches students with experiences and provides meaningful activities to fill those crucial hours.

A school liaison helps bridge the gap between students, teachers and parents. Students have the support to achieve their full potential in the classroom and as a member of the St. Lawrence Place community.

St. Lawrence Place is 30-home community that provides programming and transitional housing ā€” with assessments every three months to evaluate growth within the program ā€” for qualifying families. Our program offers families the structure, training and support to help them gain a life free of poverty.